Vigrx Plus is the most powerful supplement available for men. And then you mentioned estrogen was another hormone you commonly see involved with weight. Tell us more. Dietician Cassie: Yeah. So estrogen dominance, it can happen in both men and women. Estrogen is a hormone produced primarily in the ovaries in women and then in the testes in men. It’s not always an enemy. Problems arise when estrogen levels are out of balance. So in women when estrogen levels are out of balance, we see an increase in the prevalence of breast cancer, endometriosis, infertility and that’s when estrogen levels are too high. And many women are walking around estrogen toxic when their estrogen levels are really high. Hot flashes are common symptom of menopause, a time when female hormones estrogen and progesterone can become imbalanced. Learn more at

And it’s actually also possible for men to have excessive estrogen which can lead to an increase in risk of prostate cancer, low libido, weight gain. So estrogen it really matters. And there’s several environmental reasons why we might have higher estrogen levels and it’s really important to try to keep that in balance. Okay. And then you mentioned men with high estrogen. How does like testosterone like kind of dominant male hormone play in with weight? Dietician Cassie: Yeah, testosterone is often thought of as like the early hormone and it’s actually important for both men and women but the ratio is what we consider balanced would be different for each gender. Okay. So some of the key times in a woman’s life—and we’re going to talk about the stages of women’s hormones in the summit—they’re gaining weight with pregnancy, which is normal. But then maybe having trouble taking it back off or they’re getting towards menopause and putting on weight. I wonder if you can address some of these stages and how we can kind of think of if there is any special way to think of them when we’re thinking about weight? You’ve really got to get them all in balance and when you have one off balance we usually have more than one off balance. And that can just lead to a health issues. So I think it’s important, you know, at all times in our life to be thinking about our hormones and especially going into a time like menopause when you already know it’s going to be harder to keep your hormones in balance because that’s just the nature of it. Well, it’s definitely true that when we are going through a time like menopause, our hormones are just more imbalanced than they would be at a different time. And that’s when it’s even more important to provide extra hormonal support. So the main way in which we do this is through supplementation because there’s really only so much you can do with flu. And I definitely have a real food first approach. So I would start with getting people off that blood sugar roller coaster and really getting this blood sugar level stable because how that would affect estrogen and testosterone would be kind of how we talked about how cortisol, that stress hormone can really throw these other hormones out of balance because it’s kind of more like a master hormone. Learn more at